Does Cobra Stretch Increase Height?

Can the cobra stretch increase height? Some individuals believe that this stretching exercise can naturally enhance their height by approximately 3 to 4 inches, but is this claim feasible? Find the answer below. Read now!

Does cobra stretching exercise really help increase height?

As we all know, practicing yoga helps improve height growth and healthy body development by either lengthening one side of the body or strengthening the opposite side. And doing a cobra pose is similar as well.

Muscles are stretched, including:

  • Hip flexors
  • Biceps and brachialis
  • Pectoralis muscles
  • Abdominals
  • Cervical flexors on the front of the neck
  • Ankle dorsiflexors or the tops of the feet


Muscles are engaged, including:

  • Triceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Spinal extensors
  • Gluteus maximus
  • Muscles of the upper back

The cobra stretch mainly focuses on supporting your spine and back muscles stronger and aligning your shoulders, hips, and pelvis, thereby making your body strong and flexible. Also, it helps you get a good and taller posture by realigning and straightening the spinal cord. That is why you will feel and look better than before.

How to do the cobra pose?

Step 1

Lie on your belly. Extend your legs back with the toes out on the floor. Spread your palms on the floor and bring your elbows near to the sides of the body.

Step 2

Weigh down on the tops of your feet and thighs securely into the floor.

Step 3

Breathe in and press your palms into the floor to straighten your arms and then raise your chest off the floor. Raise as much as till your navel and then keep your pelvis in a connection to the floor. Slowly squeeze and keep intact your bottom even when you push your navel center downwards.

Step 4

Be firm with your shoulder blades while engaging them to open up your chest. Ensure that you are spreading your backbend evenly throughout your whole spine.

Step 5

Maintain the pose from 10 to 15 seconds or more, and breathe evenly. Then release your back to the floor.

How often should you do it?

It is highly recommended to set up a training schedule and follow it regularly to optimize the result.

  • Monday: Perform this asana between 10 and 15 times in the morning.
  • Tuesday: Perform this asana between 10 and 15 times in the evening.
  • Wednesday: Perform this asana between 10 and 15 times in the morning.
  • Thursday: Perform this asana between 10 and 15 times in the evening.
  • Friday: Perform this asana between 10 and 15 times in the morning.
  • Saturday: Perform this asana between 10 and 15 times in the evening.
  • Sunday: Perform this asana between 10 and 15 times in the morning.

What to consider?

Concerns regarding a stiff neck

When executing the cobra stretch, it is essential to bend the neck upward from the spine. It is important to perform this stretch correctly and gradually. Additionally, remember to inhale and exhale through your nose, rather than your mouth. Failure to execute the stretch slowly can lead to neck discomfort and overstretching of the neck muscles.

Improper hand placement

Maintaining the correct posture requires placing your hands at an equal distance from your shoulders. If your arms are not properly positioned, your shoulders will not be able to form a proper arch, resulting in poor posture and potential harm to your body.

Individuals who should avoid this stretching exercise

While the cobra stretch is generally safe, there are specific groups of people who should avoid performing it altogether.

Those experiencing severe neck conditions should refrain from doing the cobra stretch.
Pregnant individuals should not attempt the cobra pose.
Those who have undergone stomach surgery should avoid it.
Individuals with acute spinal operations or injuries should abstain from the cobra stretch.
Those with carpal tunnel syndrome or any wrist-related issues should not engage in the cobra stretch.


What are other health benefits?

In addition to strengthening your spine and promoting proper back extension, engaging in cobra stretching exercises offers various health benefits. Let’s explore them further:

Reduces excess fat

The cobra pose primarily targets abdominal fat and aids in calorie burning, while simultaneously improving muscle flexibility. It also enhances metabolism, increasing the burning of calories. Additionally, it helps tone not only the buttocks but also the muscles along the spine.

Enhances circulation

Maintaining good blood circulation is essential for staying active and energized. Cobra stretch plays a vital role in supporting blood circulation, ensuring that the cells in your body receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients.

Improves digestion

Regular practice of the cobra stretch stimulates the digestive organs and promotes the release of digestive fluids. This aids in better absorption of food and contributes to improved digestion.

Boosts the reproductive system

The cobra pose has various benefits for the hormonal system and reproductive health. It enhances blood flow to the ovaries and uterus, helps cleanse the body, and reduces stress and anxiety, thereby positively impacting the overall reproductive system.

Alleviates pain from injuries

Performing cobra stretches can act as a cushion, reducing additional pain caused by certain injuries. It elongates and loosens the muscles in the frontal planes, enhancing flexibility and relieving tightness. Moreover, it can alleviate sciatica pain in the legs by soothing spinal impingement.

Reduces asthma symptoms

If you suffer from asthma, practicing the cobra stretch helps open the chest, facilitating the passage of air through the lungs and heart. It can be healing as it supports the expansion of the chest cavity, creating more space for the rib cage to open up.

Manages stress and fatigue

For individuals dealing with depression or anxiety, incorporating cobra stretches into their routine may be beneficial. It has been found to be effective in treating headaches, fatigue, and weakness. Furthermore, it aids in managing depression to some extent. However, if you are experiencing insomnia or migraines, it is recommended to consult an expert.

Final thoughts

Cobra stretching exercise is beneficial for maintaining a healthy back and increasing the agility and strength of the spinal area. It also helps in toning the body and correcting posture by strengthening the spinal nerves. In summary, this exercise is ideal and effective, and it is recommended to incorporate it into your daily routine to not only enhance height growth but also reap other health benefits.

Begin today and enjoy the process!

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