Does Volleyball Increase Height?

In the exhilarating realm of volleyball, where athletes soar through the air and spike the ball with power and precision, one cannot help but notice a recurring pattern. Tall players seem to dominate the sport, effortlessly reaching heights that defy gravity. As spectators, we marvel at their towering presence on the court and find ourselves pondering a thought-provoking question: Are these athletes tall simply because they play volleyball?

If you, like many others, have found yourself captivated by this enigma, then this post holds the answers you seek. Over the course of this exploration, we will delve into the intricate relationship between height and volleyball, unraveling the mysteries that surround this captivating sport. By the time you reach the end, all your queries will be addressed, leaving you with a comprehensive understanding of the connection between volleyball and height.

Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery as we unveil the truth behind the seemingly inherent advantage enjoyed by tall volleyball players. From genetics and training methods to the physiological demands of the game, we will explore every facet of this fascinating topic. So, brace yourself and immerse in the world of volleyball, where height takes center stage. Your curiosity will be quenched, and your understanding enriched. Continue reading, and let the truth unfold before your eyes.

Does playing volleyball help you grow taller?

Some studies indicate a strong connection between growing taller and playing sports like volleyball. And the key element is all about jumping.

Yes, jumping helps boost the supply of nutrients and oxygen through the bloodstream, which triggers the growth plates. As a result, they will produce more bone tissues, a necessary factor for growth.

Since playing volleyball requires a lot of jumping, it helps stimulate growing taller.

Another reason is when you jump, this action might make your bones stronger. In other words, it helps build up both new and old bone tissue and prevent them from losing density, something that might make them become weaker and shrink simultaneously.

Is there anything else?

Playing volleyball can improve the posture, leaving an image of added height. It also encourages people to stand straight and stretch their natural height to reach the ball.


How does playing volleyball increase height?

If you want to get the best results for your height growth from playing volleyball, you should not skip the factors below.

What is the best age to start?

Since volleyball requires much physical strength, the best age to play is when children are well over 10 and starting to approach puberty. This has been known as the “golden age,” so there is a synergy with what will be happening naturally in their body.

As you age, the natural growing process will slow down while the pituitary gland releases fewer growth hormones. So, the later in life you start playing volleyball, the less effect you can expect it to have on your height.

How often should you practice?

While professional volleyball players need to practice daily, normal ones should play four or five times per week to become good at the sport and sharpen their playing styles. Like any form of exercise, the more you perform, the better health and fitness benefits you get.

But you should be careful. If your muscles and joints constantly get stretched after playing, you need to let them rest for days or reduce the frequency of playing. Also, overtraining might weaken your immune health and your body’s resistance to viruses and bacteria, enhancing the damage of infections and long-term illnesses.

Which positions are best for height growth?

The middle blocker is one of the best positions to help increase your height because it is mainly responsible for stopping the opposition’s hitter from scoring. This position will usually be for the tallest players on the team. Also, it requires constant jumping to the height of the net and above, helping boost growth.

The outside hitter is another good position for height growth because this plays a crucial role in the scoring of a team. Usually, this position might be the only offensive choice that a team has, yet the important thing to success is the capacity to get above the ball at the net and guide it downwards. That means that if you play at this position, you should possess a good natural jump to stay in the air as long as possible.


What are the health benefits of playing volleyball?

Aside from adding some extra inches to your height, practicing volleyball brings lots of health benefits as well.

Physical benefits

No matter where you play indoors or on the beach, volleyball is an excellent way to keep you fit and healthy. This sport consists of the combination of optimal physical activity together with various movements like jumping, squatting, and running. It has an intense positive influence on your respiratory and cardiovascular health and overall well-being.

Playing volleyball can promote your hand-eye coordination. With the swift movements of the ball and being able to follow the ball during the game, you have to not only see it but also make decisions quickly.

Also, this sport supports your metabolism. While playing, you will burn the energy and transfer it to the energy you need to do certain activities or tasks. Cardiovascular exercises, which are an essential part of the game of volleyball, promote your metabolism rate. What is more, building lean muscle mass by practicing volleyball daily can boost your resting metabolism rate, which is the number of calories the body burns while resting.

Mental benefits

In addition to the wonderful physical benefits of playing volleyball, this sport delivers a positive impact on people’s mental and emotional health.

When you play in a team of individuals to acquire a common goal, you will not only increase your friendship and relationship but feel a sense of belonging and importance. Team sports are a great way to boost your confidence and self-esteem, lower stress and anxiety, and boost your level of motivation, thereby resulting in regular social interaction.

When your fitness, skill, and strength improve, your self-image does, too. In a turn of all this, the way you feel about yourself enhances. And the feeling of happiness, acceptance, support, and belonging will do wonders for your confidence.

Playing volleyball also teaches you the value of hard work, persistence, dedication, and respect. It guides you on how to observe and respect the rules as well as accept victory and failure generously. These characteristics are a true demonstration of a strong character.

To sum up

It is possible to increase your height simply by playing volleyball. That is because this sport involves a lot of jumping. As mentioned above, jumping is something that can stimulate the pituitary gland to generate more growth hormones, which is necessary for growing taller. And if you are still in the golden period and stick to playing volleyball long enough, your height will be improved remarkably. Even if you have passed that, playing makes your posture straight, giving a taller look.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to the gym or beach and enjoy all the benefits of volleyball. Have fun!

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