Does Playing Basketball Make You Taller?

Height undeniably provides an advantage in basketball, and being tall can catch the attention of recruiters. Tall basketball players have an easier time reaching the basket and can jump higher to block shots or grab rebounds once their skills are honed.

Now, let’s address the question: Does playing basketball make you taller? In this article, we will explore the facts and scientific understanding behind height determination. We will also uncover why people may have had this notion reversed all this time.

Will basketball make you taller?

To make it quick and to give you a short answer, we will tell you that no scientific proof points out that playing this exercise can make you get taller. However, some research has come to an end that continuous movements of bodies like running, jumping, dribbling, and shooting while playing might help you grow taller. That is because constant movements help stimulate blood flow to the spine and legs, which are necessary for height gain.

Many people assume that basketball players are tall because they play too much. They conclude without any proof because they only watch these players on TV. In fact, NBA players are high in stature probably because of their genes and diet routine. People also think that tall people will have a high chance of playing basketball. The truth is, tall players might have some advantages compared to smaller basketball players. But there are chances to be small inside the basketball court.

Overall, playing basketball might help add a few inches to the height due to constant movements and jumping. However, do not rely on this completely because your genes are the key to determining your height.


What is the best age to play basketball?

Children should start practicing basketball to strengthen their abilities as soon as they are old enough,

Young kids, around the age of 6 or younger, should learn the basics of the game. For instance, they can learn to throw and catch the ball as well as bounce a basketball. Also, they can practice throwing the ball into a smaller-sized hoop.

When the child progresses, they can start learning how to dribble and the rules of the games. This is done often between the ages of 7 to 9 years old or so. Then the kids can join a team and practice with the others in the same age group.

Children in the 4th to 6th grades are often willing to play basketball more competitively and hone the skills that they are in the process of learning. If they are serious about the game at this age, it is fine to send them to a basketball clinic so that they can practice and learn new skills.

How do you grow taller with basketball?

As mentioned above, the activities involved in basketball, such as running, jumping, shooting, and collecting rebounds, when performed correctly and regularly, increase the blood flow to the brain. This also helps increase growth hormone production in the body, making you pass your genetically predetermined height.

Here is how this occurs when you play basketball.

  • Running: We all know that basketball requires running, and lots of it whether it is with the ball or without it. Since running is one of the main stimulants of growth hormone production, you can see why it plays a vital role in increasing height.
  • Shooting: When you shoot the ball, the wrist and fingers of your dominating hand come into play while the other hand allows you to support the ball. As a result, your dominating arm experiences a full stretch when the ball is shot, delivering a boost in height.
  • Dribbling: This action causes a spur in growth hormone production for height gain when you do it with both of your hands instead of only your dominating hand. This leads to equal stretching in both arms, and thus a balanced growth is improved.
  • Collecting rebounds: Rebounding is an indivisible part of a basketball game. This movement requires you to jump, which is an excellent exercise for the overall growth of the body, including your height.


What to consider?

It is worth mentioning that playing basketball might help you get taller only when your growth plates are still open. Also, when you are in puberty, your body’s growth will reach its peak for the following two to five years. And this is the time when you can experience a great boost in your height.

In these years, if you play basketball regularly, it will heighten your bones as well as stimulate their growth, leading to a boost in height development. But only playing it is not going to do the trick. You need to combine your basketball routine with stretching exercises. Stretching is necessary as a warm-up method but also contributes to increased height. Moreover, stretching is a good way to boost flexibility and a better range of motion for the joints.

Importantly, you have to maintain a well-balanced diet because it is the main external factor that controls how tall you will be. Instead of consuming junk food, make sure your diet contains a variety of nutrients. Eat lots of rich protein foods like pork, chicken, and fish. Drink fresh healthy milk regularly and have a healthy bowl of vegetable salad.

Also, you need to allow your body to rest. Taking a nap for an ample amount of time not only keeps you refreshed but also promotes the release of the growth hormone. What is more, a sleeping time of at least 8 hours will be good enough for you.

In sum

Do not rely on playing basketball only to make you get taller. Playing this exercise might add inches to your height, but it is not the primary source of your height. Focus on eating healthy foods and getting healthy sleep instead.

Although you did all the things, and the result was small, do not get discouraged. Just look at how the short NBA players performed to get into the big league. It should be noted to focus on more necessary things that you can improve. Accept the things you cannot change and change the things you can control.

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