Top 10 Sports That Make You Taller Effectively

A quick online search reveals that many of the tallest people on Earth are athletes. It is commonly believed that participating in sports can potentially contribute to adding a few inches to one’s height. However, it is important to note that not all sports may have a direct impact on height increase, and in some cases, certain sports may even lead to height reduction if practiced regularly.

To help you in your pursuit of discovering sports that may promote height increase, we have compiled a list of top sports that are often associated with potential height benefits:


For a long time, this sport has been popular for promoting height, not only for men but also for women. When playing basketball, you have to run and jump constantly. This not only makes your growth plates experience a series of shocks but also brings a lot of blood flow into the plates, thereby stimulating growth to gain maximum height.

What is more, since you have to jump all the time to throw the ball, take the ball from the opponent, or slam dunk, your body always “flies” vertically in the air and causes stretching on your muscles. And when you land on the ground, the body will contract. That is what makes your bones and muscles grow taller.



Like basketball, volleyball makes you do similar activities before and during the game. You have to run around and jump a lot to spike the ball and block the spikes. And these such activities will contribute to increasing the amount of blood to your backbone and legs that support your height. Also, intense jumping helps stimulate your growth hormones to make you taller.


Swimming comes with good benefits, including making you healthy, keeping fit, and increasing your height. Even if you are an adult and want to grow taller, this sport might support your body’s spine and help you get good posture.


It is because swimming requires you to use all the muscles. Besides, when you move in the water horizontally, you need to spend more energy than moving in the air. That makes your upper body and chest continuously contract and stretch, thereby boosting upper body growth.


Soccer is another sport that helps increase your height effectively. As you see, soccer players constantly run and jump, and this greatly impacts your growth plates as well as stimulates the growth of new bone tissue. Moreover, your thigh muscles and knees will be improved to help you reach a high frame.

The good news, it is never too late to start playing soccer because this sport is an excellent way to enhance your bones and prevent osteoporosis, a bone issue that might cause a height decrease in adults. Importantly, it makes you slim down and look taller.



No matter which position you are playing, defense or offense, football requires lots of jumping and skills. You have to catch the ball, block a kick, try to intercept, or even dive for the end zone, so this makes your body engage in all the activities that this sport involves. And this encourages all your muscles as well as improves blood flow all around the body, making you reach new heights.


Almost all people love cycling. Not only does it support your lower body muscles like thighs and calves, but it also stimulates your back muscles and engages the spine. But if you want to get taller while cycling, you need to change the seat’s height until you stretch your legs comfortably. Just remember not to adjust the height too much, or it puts more pressure on your joints. Apart from all these benefits, cycling is good for your core muscles and the posture of your body.

A good thing about this endearing exercise is that you can buy yourself a stationary bike and start at your home while watching your favorite movies or tv shows.


Doing yoga involves stretching and extending your body by twisting bones and muscles in different movements. And these are an ideal way to add some inches in height. Some yoga poses like tree pose, mountain pose, wheel pose, downward-facing dog, triangle pose, and other poses will help adjust body posture and make you taller.

One more interesting thing, yoga is a good solution to alleviate stress and tension in joints and muscles. And when your body is relaxed, growth hormones will go through your body better. Note that you need to perform yoga poses under the guidance of a skilled instructor to avoid any unexpected risk.


Although this sport is not talked about very much, it might be effective when it comes to encouraging growth for height. That is because playing badminton engages the muscles on your shoulder and stretches your spine when you run for the rally. Also, the shots from the lobs, the back of the court, and the smashes can be very encouraging for your shoulder and back muscles.

Hence, if you prefer playing badminton, you should keep doing it because it will boost your height.


Tennis is not about swinging a racket and hitting the ball. Running and footwork involved with playing this sport make it optimize bone density, reducing the risk of suffering from osteoporosis. Also, it is suitable for increasing the core to maintain good posture. As you know, having the proper posture is necessary for height increase.


Jump rope

Although this is not really a competitive sport as it is just an exercise or activity, you sometimes catch jump rope competitions on ESPN.

It is an old way to boost your height. When you skip a rope, you have to jump and make your body in the air continuously. And jumping lengthwise might stretch and contract your body, producing more growth hormones all over your body and making you taller.

Remember that increasing height will not sometimes work with just one effort; however, by combining one of the sports mentioned above and nutritious foods, you can make yourself taller effectively.

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Q: Can playing sports make you taller?

A: Playing sports alone does not directly lead to an increase in height in adults. Height is primarily determined by genetic factors and growth during the developmental years. However, certain sports that involve stretching, jumping, and physical activity can contribute to better posture, muscle development, and overall fitness.

Q: Which sports are known to promote height increase?

A: While participating in sports may have benefits for posture and overall fitness, there is no guarantee that they will directly lead to height increase. However, sports such as basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, and yoga are often associated with potential benefits for posture and skeletal health.

Q: How does gymnastics affect height?

A: Gymnastics combines flexibility, strength, and coordination. Regular participation in gymnastics can involve stretching exercises, flips, and jumps, which can contribute to improved posture and potential height benefits.

Q: Can practicing yoga lead to height increase?

A: Yoga focuses on flexibility, balance, and body awareness. While it may not directly increase height, regular yoga practice can promote better posture, spinal alignment, and overall body stretching, which may contribute to the appearance of increased height.

Q: Are there any other sports that can help with height increase?

A: While the mentioned sports like basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, and yoga are often associated with potential height benefits, it is important to note that height increase is primarily determined by genetic factors and growth during the developmental years. Engaging in any sport that involves physical activity, stretching, and overall fitness can contribute to a healthy lifestyle but may not directly impact height.

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