ViMulti HeightVi Review – Essential Vitamin for Bone Health and Height Gain?

If you still look for a high-quality supplement that supports bone density by offering natural bone-growth factors, ViMulti HeightVi might be a good choice at this time. And to help you know everything about this product, which is popular with men and women, we have made a detailed ViMulti HeightVi review.

We believe after you read it, you can find out exactly what this supplement is, what its key benefits are, and how it works to maintain and maximize bone growth.

What is ViMulti HeightVi?

vimulti-heightviThis is a supplement for height support and bone density that is designed to help the body get the optimal nutrients for supporting bone mass.

It comes in the form of capsules, and taking three every day is what its manufacturer recommends. Advertisements for this supplement say that it is possible to improve strong and healthy bones while gaining greater bone mass. Also, it claims a proprietary blend of bone-growing vitamins, which support natural bone growth while enhancing brittle bones.

This product is not intended for users below 18 years old, pregnant, or nursing mothers. Those with a particular medical condition or are using prescription drugs need to consult their doctor first.

How does ViMulti HeightVi work?

As we age, our bones go through different changes. While some might experience bone loss, others tend to lose their height from the lordosis present in the spine.

Since the ViMulti manufacturer understands this, they developed HeightVi with so much necessary nutrition to the bones. Amongst, the appearance of Calcium and vitamin D with a proper amount can effectively improve bone strength in the body.

The truth is, this supplement is taken as a long-term solution to attain healthier bones and stronger bone mass. Some clinical trials have been set to confirm that supplementation packed with calcium content from an early age will enhance bone mass and overall health to the maximum extent. And that is why consuming HeightVi right from an early age will be an ideal pick.

Ingredients of ViMulti HeightVi

Take a quick look at the label; you can see a complex combination of ingredients. While the manufacturer supposes these are helpful to keep your body functioning normally, we cover some effects and benefits of the most noticeable ingredients.


Calcium (1000 mg)

Yes, this mineral is important to keep the bones strong. And if lacking calcium, it might result in weakened bones and stunted growth.

Vitamin C (40 mg)

Vitamin C is necessary for the body to absorb iron, control their heartbeat, and prevent age-related vision loss. If you do not get enough vitamin C, you easily get bad symptoms like weak bones, swollen joints, or rough skin.

Vitamin D3 (400 IU)

This vitamin is responsible for storing and absorbing both calcium and phosphorus, thereby keeping the bones healthy and strong. A mixture of calcium and vitamin D3 is commonly prescribed to those with osteoporosis.

Vitamin K1 (30 mcg)

Vitamin K1, the main type of vitamin K, might contribute to supporting bone mineral density by transferring calcium in the body. Also, it plays a vital role in examining post-menopausal osteoporosis.

L-Lysine HCI (75 mg)

As a component of protein, this amino acid is an essential nutrient in the diet of people. It’s responsible for lowering a person’s level of cortisol, a hormone released when being stressed. When left untreated, unexpectedly high levels of cortisol might lead to osteoporosis and high blood pressure. So, consuming L-Lysine will boost muscle growth and process oxygen for the blood.

Over and above, ViMulti HeightVi packs other nutrients like Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Boron and so much more needed to support natural bone growth and brittle bones.

Pros and Cons


  • Build and maintain bone mass: This supplement is helpful to promote and improve the bone mass of people of all age groups.
  • Support bone health: When you age, your bones tend to lose essential nutrients and become weak. Some even suffer from a lack of vitamin D and Calcium might lead to osteoporosis. So, by supplementing HeightVi, you supply your body with these nutrients, helping your bones become stronger and healthier.
  • Give extra inches: When your body gets enough nutrients necessary for height gain, they support and boost your height naturally.
  • High-quality: This product is made in the U.S and manufactured in FDA and cGMP facilities.


  • Too many capsules at once: Instead of taking only one pill every day, this supplement requires you to take three every day.
  • Not for those under 18 years old: Although it claims to be suitable for all ages, if you are below 18 or pregnant women, you should consult your doctor before using it.
  • Quite pricey: With nearly $50 for a bottle of 90 capsules, some suppose that it is expensive for a dietary supplement.
  • No clinical trials: While this product might come with the right ingredients for enhanced growth, there are no clinical trials. That is why results will change across individuals.
  • No official website: Unlike other supplements, you only buy this one on online marketplaces. So, you should be careful to select a prestigious place to avoid getting fraud.


Manufacturing quality

According to the manufacturer, ViMulti HeightVi is made from an FDA and cGMP-approved facility with high standards of safety. They also claim that the ingredients here are natural and have no harmful synthetic substances that might cause any side effects. However, we suggest you should check the components clearly and make sure you are not allergic to anything before using it.

Where to buy it?

Since there is no official website, the only place you can get this product is from online platforms. We highly recommend you to choose renowned places like Amazon to make sure not to buy a scam.

In sum up

Every supplement has a proprietary blend to support bone growth, and ViMulti HeightVi features its unique one for bone density support.

Needless to say, it is intended for those who want to support their bone health and growth. Above, we discussed some of the most important things about this supplement – what it is, what its components are, how it works, and so on.

Feel free to consult the information in this article and remember to inform your doctor first before deciding to take any supplement. This is especially right if you have a known medical condition or are using prescription drugs.

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