Peak Height Review – All You Need to Know Before Buying It

Out of the height growth supplements in our previous article, Peak Height is known as one of the most popular ones that have been sold up to 4 million times in the U.S. only. Moreover, their manufacturer claims that users can gain about 3 inches between 6 and 12 months.

But at this point, you might be wondering whether or not it is effective.

In this Peak Height review, we will tell you the exact science behind this supplement and how it can make you grow taller.

Are you ready to go into the details? There we come.

peak-height-pill-reviewWhat is Peak Height?

When it comes to grow-taller pills, Peak Height is a common name that was designed to boost height up to 3 inches within a period of 6 to 12 months. Also, the manufacturer claims that their product is the only height maximizer developed and suggested by a United States Medical Doctor. And according to experts, this tablet is suitable for those aged 11-22 and parents whose children are still in growing years.

Peak Height is a healthy growth supplement that includes all five essential nutrients, including L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Calcium that support your bones to grow. Most importantly, all the nutrients come with an optimal quantity.

As long as you keep using these tablets, your bones will get suitable nourishment to grow. For this reason, your overall body height will increase as well.

Ingredients of Peak Height

Since this supplement claims to maximize growth, we try looking at it from the angle of what it might help you achieve that goal. Let’s talk about the nutrients that the body requires for height gain.

  • L-Arginine (500 mg): This amino acid is necessary for increasing HGH levels. Also, it has been proven to prevent bone loss. So, when you have strong and healthy bones, this helps you get extra height.
  • L-Ornithine (250 mg): This is another essential amino acid that the body needs to produce HGH.
  • Calcium (1200 mg): We all know Calcium is the vital nutrient to make the bones grow in length. Aside from drinking milk (one of the most abundant sources of Calcium), you can get this vital nutrient from other sources; for instance, from supplements. So, if you are lactose tolerant, this is good news.
  • Vitamin D (50 mcg, 2000 IU): Along with Calcium, getting enough levels of vitamin D is necessary for improving bone length and strength. It is because this vitamin helps your bones make use of Calcium effectively, thereby making you taller.
  • Vitamin B12 (6 mcg): The cells within the body that are responsible for building and repairing bone require a proper amount of Vitamin B12 to work properly. In case you lack this vitamin, your bones cannot grow to their full extent and might lead to osteoporosis. So, if you want to keep your bones healthy while extending them in length, consuming Vitamin B12 is a must.

All these five ingredients are the basic compounds that are essential for bone growth. Hence, using Peak Height regularly gives you the ideal mix of the good nutrients that your body needs to gain the desired height.

What about other nutrients in this supplement? These are also helpful to promote bone strength and bone health.

  • Zinc (10 mg): This mineral is important to create collagen tissue, heal wounds, connect bone fractures, and prevent osteoporosis.
  • Vitamin B6 (2 mg): This vitamin plays a vital role in creating collagen.
  • Vitamin E (27 mg): It works as a free radical substance that encourages new bone formation.


How does Peak Height work?

The science behind this supplement’s efficiency is the combination of five essential compounds for bone growth. Moreover, each comes with the right amount to make sure you take enough nutrients every day.

Another important thing is that you need to follow the recommended usage. If you go by all the suggestions provided while taking Peak Height, you might expect an increase in height. On their official website, they claim that an average user can gain up to 3 inches as long as he/she takes the right dosage daily (3 tablets per day with dinner and a glass of water or any liquid).

Within the first 30 days, you might get a noticeable boost of energy. It is because your bones within the body start receiving a higher level of essential nutrients. But this only comes when you take the supplement routinely.

The next period (2-6 months) is the ideal time that your body will absorb the ingredients at a maximum level.

And what next after 6 months? Although results might be different from person to person, the manufacturer supposes that users can get an average of 3 inches between 6 and 12 months.

Pros and Cons


  • This supplement ensures you get all five essential nutrients for height growth with the optimal amount.
  • It is easy to keep track of and not too hard to consume. All the tablets are not too big to swallow, and you just take 3 tablets at once with dinner.
  • It is okay to take Peak Height and maintain a balanced diet because this helps boost your growth quickly and effectively.
  • Packed with no stimulants, steroids, and HGH, there have been no bad symptoms that have been reported from users to date.
  • The price for the pack of 6 bottles is affordable at $199.99 while the pack of 12 is $349.99. Most importantly, the manufacturer offers a one-year money-back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the product.


  • Similar to any growth dietary supplement, you need to be patient and take it regularly at a particular time to attain the desired result. Do not expect a good outcome will happen overnight.
  • This supplement is only safe for individuals that are from 11 years old to 22 years old.


Manufacturing quality

According to information and what users talked about Peak Height, this product is safe to use. All the ingredients in these tablets are way below the daily consumption limit as defined by the National Institute of Health [1]. Besdes, it is made at an FDA-registered laboratory in the U.S., so everything is supervised as per pharmaceutical-grade specifications.

Where to buy it?

Since Peak Height supplement is widely sold, you easily find it anywhere from its official website to other online marketplaces like Amazon.

Final word

Just like the name, this product will help you gain your peak height within 6-12 months. Even if you take it well, you can get better results. And after finishing our review above, we hope you might know another choice if you are looking to increase some extra inches.

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