Height Growth Maximizer Review

Among a variety of height growth supplements available on the market, you might come across SilverPeaks Height Growth Maximizer. This product is designed to help people reach their desired height at any age.

Seeing that this is just a dietary supplement, so how possible is it to help?

By reading this exclusive Height Growth Maximizer review below, you will find everything about this supplement, including how it works.

What is the Height Growth Maximizer?

Product Name SilverPeaks Height Growth Maximizer
Product Type Height growth supplement
Manufacturer SilverPeaks
Effects Promote your height, aid joint and bone health, accelerate natural growth, and improve overall health
Quantity 60 capsules
Dosage 2 capsules per day
Price $37.95

SilverPeaks Height Growth is a growth dietary supplement that promises a height  increase within 6 months. It is filled with nutrients that are essential for healthy bone strength and growth. Amongst, the proprietary height growth blend is the fundamental part of the components that makes bones grow naturally.

This supplement is supposedly developed and proven to promote bone density and boost body length for children, teenagers, and adults.

Keep scrolling and discover why it helps you grow taller and stronger.


Ingredients of Height Growth Maximizer

Having known how this supplement aims to boost height, the other thing of interest is what is in its formula. SilverPeaks reveals a proprietary blend (a somewhat special formula) along with other ingredients. This blend highlights the following ones, including L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Ornithine, GABA, Creatine, Spinach, and 5-HTP.

The supplement maker selects to keep the amount of every ingredient in this blend close to its chest, and what you know is the total of 400 mg for this mixture per serving.

Other essential ingredients are Vitamin D3 (62.5 mcg), Calcium (300 mg), and Zinc (10 mg). The official website does not give detailed information about what each of these ingredients adds.

But take a closer look at this formulation; you can discover this is rich in amino acids. Yes, these are instrumental in adjusting bone growth and body development. Meanwhile, the three remaining ingredients are known to strengthen and speed up the growth of bones.

How does Height Growth Maximizer work?

This product claims that it contains the proper amount of ingredients that helps you attain the desired height.

You should know that only the right amount of essential nutrients might support the body. But sometimes, you cannot get enough of them from your diet. So, supplementing Height Growth Maximizer might help you receive necessary vitamins and nutrients, thereby promoting growth better.

With all these safe and natural ingredients, they explain that this supplement might increase the bones for a healthy state.

Additionally, they mention that using Height Growth Maximizer should be performed regularly in at least 3-6 months. It is because the body needs time to absorb the nutrients and then transfer them to the bones to make them grow a couple of inches taller.



Pros and Cons


  • Enhance natural growth: Your height is affected by many factors, including genes, diet, lifestyle, etc. That means without a suitable boost, you cannot attain your growth potential. By adding this supplement to your diet, it might deliver necessary nutrients that make your bones grow better.
  • Support overall health: The addition of vitamin D3 and Zinc plays a vital role to maintain better immune health as well as linear growth. They not only boost the metabolism but also support healthy aging.
  • Easy to take: There are no surgeries, injections, or devices to deal with when it comes to the height growth supplement. By taking 2 capsules every day, it might improve the height growth after months.
  • Relatively affordable: The cost to get taller by using leg-lengthening surgery can be over $80,000. In comparison, a bottle of Height Growth Maximizer costs only $37.95. Even if you use it within years, the price is cheaper. Additionally, you can save up to 20% OFF if buying in bulk at its official website.


  • Differ from person to person: No one is the same as another. That means the height growth experienced by one individual may be different from another. Some might get the effects quicker than others. Additionally, some factors such as age, gender, health, diet, and exercise routine might affect the results.
  • Not work overnight: Remember that bone growth is a slow process that might take months or even years. So, if you expect to grow taller within a week, no growth supplement can help you. Make sure to take Height Growth Maximizer consistently for a few months (at least 3-6 months) to get optimal results.
  • No changes in height for those over 18 years old: If your growth plates are close, you cannot get any inches taller through using this stuff. But if you want to prevent any issues related to your bones when you age, it will be fine.

Manufacturing quality

Since this is a dietary supplement, it does not require FDA approval. However, it is made in the USA and independently tested to ensure high purity and quality. Additionally, all the ingredients are safe with no sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, and GMOs. It even comes with no artificial colors and flavors.


Where to buy it?

If you would love to give SilverPeaks Height Growth Maximizer a try, you can get it from the official website or prestigious platforms like Amazon or Walmart. One bottle will cost you $37.95, but when you buy a pack of 6 bottles, you can get 20% OFF.

In case you are not satisfied with the product or have any questions, you can contact the support team and get their support within 12 hours.

Final word

This height growth supplement might assure you with positive results by giving naturally sourced nutrients. But only taking it is not enough to make you get taller. Remember to follow a well-balanced diet, get enough sleep, and do regular exercise to stay healthy. In this way, you can help your body receive all the essential nutrients from the supplement, thereby attaining the health and height you are looking for.

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