Tall Star Review – Will These Tablets Make You Taller?

It sounds ridiculous to believe in increasing height just by taking a pill. But it is a YES; using height growth supplements might contribute to making you grow taller. Although the real results are still unsure, there are indeed products out there that truly work.

Now, we are going to introduce you to a Tall Star review, another successful supplement that might help teenagers and adults grow taller as its manufacturer claims.

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What is Tall Star?

tall-star-reviewTall Star height growth supplement is marketed by Mermaid USA. This product in tablet form is made to supply the body with calcium and green nature and pure plants to boost growth. On its label, the manufacturer does not have to show the amount of each component they use in the product. But once consumed, all the nutrients in this tablet are supposed to transfer into the body to encourage height growth.

How does Tall Star work?

The beauty of this supplement is the powerful blend of natural plants. All the ingredients here have been carefully chosen and extracted from nature to help the body absorb better. Since it includes multiple plants, it comes with different benefits to support the height and growth of not only teens but also adults.

Tall Star seems like a breakthrough in modern science when its main ingredient starts from nature. If you are looking for a natural way (instead of using injection or other treatments), this one will be a good pick.

Just note that you need to spend a long time to get the result you want. If other supplements claim your height might be improved between 3 and 6 months, this one requires a longer time – 12 months.

Although it takes time, some users who have tried Tall Star disclose they truly gained a couple of inches. Since different people will respond differently to the supplement, the number of inches might vary. But overall, if you take it consistently, your height will be improved.

Ingredients of Tall Star

Each of the growth supplements features a unique mixture to encourage height and growth. Tall Star is not exceptional as well.

Look at its label; this product comes with a proprietary blend, including calcium, walnut extract, Rhizoma Drynariae extract, and Loranthus Parasiticus extract. As mentioned above, the manufacturer just reveals the total amount of the blend (350 mg), not for each component. But let’s go into the details of their benefits!



When it comes to bone growth, calcium is the most important mineral. And taking it regularly will speed up the strength of your bones and help you gain height. Milk and other dairy products are the main sources of calcium. Or you can find it in spinach, turnips greens, collards, and soy products if you cannot eat dairy.

As with calcium, the appearance of magnesium in this product helps your body absorb the best, thereby maintaining healthy bones. It even boosts increased bone density and prevents osteoporosis.


This is a popular herb in traditional Chinese medicine that is used to deal with pain or soreness in the knee, joints, and back. By adding it to this product, the manufacturer supposes that it can promote healthy joints. 

Rhizoma Drynariae

Similar to Loranthus, this herb is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating bone issues, especially relieving pain and promoting the healing of fracture [1].


As we know, walnuts and other nuts are excellent choices to boost growth. It is because they contain vitamins B, protein, and fatty acids that are necessary for promoting healthy bones.

Pros and Cons


  • Unique formula: As compared to previous supplements, this one features natural and pure herbs that might support growth and height effectively.
  • Advanced technology: The manufacturer claims that all the components are carefully extracted to keep the whole nutrition for maintaining height growth.
  • No side effects: As we found on its website, this product comes with no sugar, wheat, soy, gluten, egg, yeast, corn, fish, preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. Moreover, no side effects are reported so far.
  • Convenient and easy to track: Taking two tablets every day makes this choice easier to take and helps you track the number of tablets you need in a certain period.


  • Takes a lot of time: The truth is, we need to spend a particular time when using any dietary supplement. If supplement manufacturers like NuBest or PeakHeight suppose you might grow taller between 3 and 6 months, Mermaid USA requires you to take Tall Star for at least 12 months. It is because their product is made from natural herbs, and your body needs a long time to absorb them.
  • High cost: The retail price for one bottle is $75, so spending over $800 for 12 bottles within 1 year might be a huge fortune. But if you buy this product at its official website, you can save 15% OFF and get free shipping as well.

Manufacturing quality

According to what we researched on its website, Tall Star is produced in a U.S. company that is a GMP-certified manufacturing facility. Furthermore, the basic components used to make this supplement are pure and natural that are not harmful to health.

So, if you take it regularly, it might help lengthen bones in your body as well as improve your overall wellness.


Where to buy it?

Purchasing dietary supplements at their official channel is always recommended. The biggest reason is you are guaranteed to get a genuine product. Also, you receive lots of discounts or good deals if you purchase in bulk. However, in case you are a loyal fan of Amazon or Walmart, you can visit their websites and buy Tall Star with a concessionary price.

Bottom line – Should you pick it?

Simply put, Tall Star from Mermaid USA might help you gain a couple of inches in height. But remember that you need to take it at least 12 months to get the desired results. In fact, some users claim on the website that their children’s height has improved between 3 and 4 inches.

Overall, this product is one of the popular height growth supplements on the market. But if you still sit on the fence, you can read our other articles about NuBest Tall, Doctor Plus, or PeakHeight to make the best decision.

Good luck to you!

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