Kirkland Signature Men 50+ Multivitamin Review

Past 50 years of age, our body naturally starts losing its ability to absorb nutrients. Also, at this age, most health issues start appearing. So, if you are a male of 50 years or above, you should take extra care of your health.

The Kirkland Signature Men 50+ Multivitamin review here will give you a clear look at the best and most affordable supplement for men over 50. Keep scrolling the post till the end for all the critical details.

What is Kirkland Signature Men 50+ Multivitamin?

Kirkland Signature is Costco’s trademark private-label brand. Since it belongs to Costco, each and every Kirkland Signature supplement is carefully made to give Costco members the best nutritional quality at an exceptional value. Also, all the Kirkland products are USP certified. This is a verified mark awarded to dietary supplements when they successfully satisfy all requirements set by the USP.

Kirkland Signature Men 50+ Multivitamin is a complete formula with 25 nutrients that might help repair and create connective tissues, and support normal growth and development, immune function, and overall metabolism.


Kirkland Signature Men 50+ Multivitamin ingredients

Since this product is specifically tailored for men over 50, it includes most ingredients that older men need (like higher amounts of calcium and vitamin D) and less of what they do not need (like iron). As mentioned above, it is formulated with 25 key nutrients for daily nutritional support and to fill any nutrient gaps that might be missing from their diet.

Below are specific vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that might assist men over 50 become healthy.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is often known as the sunshine vitamin. In theory, we might produce sufficient quantities of the nutrient when exposed to the sun. But, in practice, many of us are deficient in this vitamin, mainly due to the climate and lifestyle. Men over 50, on average, receive about half of what they should.

Vitamin D, including vitamin D2 and vitamin D3, is helpful for bone, muscle, and teeth health. It is also vital to boost the process of calcium absorption, reduce the risk of fractures, and assist testosterone production.

Men between 51 and 70 need 15 mcg (600 IU) daily, but if they are older, they need 20 mcg (800 IU). Every tablet of Kirkland Signature Men 50+ contains 20 mcg of vitamin D, which can satisfy the recommended daily amount.

Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12

Both vitamins are necessary for transferring the food you consume into cellular energy, supporting red blood cell production, and improving testosterone synthesis. Importantly, the product offers an ideal amount of B-complex vitamins for older men, who have reduced B-vitamins absorption in their GI tract.

Vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E

Three vitamins are often used for supporting healthy skin. Also, tissue repair and cell growth are both enabled by these vitamins, while they are popularly helpful for assisting immune function.


Zinc is found in most multivitamins for men, as it is needed for the regulation of immunity, cell growth, and wound healing. It also plays a crucial role in testosterone production. With 11 mg of zinc daily, this product satisfies the suggested daily amount that every man needs per day.


Copper is required to create new red blood cells. It also supports the preservation of healthy and strong bones, nerve cells, and blood vessels to help men attain peak physical efficiency.

Lutein and lycopene

Aside from necessary minerals and vitamins for men over 50, this product also features two prevalent carotenoids, which play a vital role in supporting eye, skin, cardiovascular, and prostate health.


Does Kirkland Signature Men 50+ Multivitamin work?

Good news! You can receive all the daily required doses of different vitamins and minerals in just one small tablet. In total, it features 25 necessary nutrients, such as B-complex vitamins for converting food into energy, antioxidants vitamins for supporting immune health, and so much more.

But it is not simple to assess its effectiveness because it depends on every man’s lifestyle. In fact, taking this product regularly might bring increased energy to physical and mental health. Just remember to take it with a meal and water, or it might cause a stomach upset. Also, you need to consult your physician if you are taking any medication.

Pros and cons of Kirkland Signature Men 50+ Multivitamin


  • This multivitamin is one of the best selections for men over 50.
  • It features key nutrients that are needed for older men’s health.
  • It contains no iron, which is a great point.
  • It is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and contains no lactose, artificial flavors, and colors.
  • It comes with a good price of a year of use.
  • You only use one tablet daily.


  • The daily amount of calcium is less than the recommended daily amount (250 mg vs. 1,000 mg).
  • This product comes with fewer reviews from real users.

Where can I purchase Kirkland Signature Men 50+ Multivitamin?

As mentioned above, Costco is the main distributor of the Kirkland Signature brand. So, you can visit any Costco location nearby, or if you prefer online shopping, you can make an order at But it should be noted that some of the products might be limited for non-members, and non-members might pay an extra surcharge on orders.

The second choice is to find this product on Amazon or any reputable online retailer.


In a word

Kirkland Signature Men 50+ Multivitamin tablets for men over the age of 50 are composed of essential vitamins and minerals, including B-complex vitamins, vitamin D, calcium, zinc, and so on. With this product, you will be receiving 100% of the daily value for needed nutrients, including vitamin D, vitamin B12, biotin, and vitamin C. And all the ingredients here combine to support men’s metabolism, muscle mass, and immune function – all necessary facets of good health past the age of 50.

Generally speaking, we recommend this product for any 50+ man who feels gaps in their nutrition intake. Importantly, if you are on a budget, it might be proven to be somewhat affordable.

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